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  • n. Plural form of fermion.


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  • This principle was later found to be associated with the symmetry of wave functions for particles of half-integer spins in general, distinguishing what is now called fermions from the bosonic particles whose spins are integer multiples of.

    The Nobel Prizes in Physics 1901-2000

  • My friends in physics tell me they are made of only vibrations of energy, called fermions, or more specifically quarks and leptons.

    Olivia Rosewood: Please Meditate: Practice Gratitude Like the Ancients

  • The field theories constructed around these vacua are entirely equivalent, but transitions between these vacua result in the anomalous production of fermions, which is the method by which the baryon number may change.

    A Nonperturbative Analogy

  • He talked about the various unresolved problems of the Standard Model, and the hypothetical theory called supersymmetry, which connects particles of matter, called fermions, with particles that carry forces, called bosons.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The fully symmetrical barrier (left) arises only between molecules known as fermions, which if identical cannot occupy the same place at the same time. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Strontium-87 atoms belong to a class of objects known as fermions and according to quantum physics; fermions cannot occupy the same energy state and location in space at the same time. all content

  • Physicists have measured and controlled seemingly forbidden collisions between neutral strontium atoms-a class of antisocial atoms known as fermions that are not supposed to collide when in identical energy states.


  • The researchers are trying to trap atomic particles called fermions, which have an internal angular momentum called spin.


  • The particle class known as "fermions" is named after the Italian nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi.

    Gates of Vienna

  • Instead of saying "fermions" and "bosons", the O'Neill would respond better to matter and energy.

    Planet Twisted


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