from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In Australia, a tree-fern (which see).


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  • Oscar took a swallow of beer and wandered closer to the nearest fern-tree.


  • In recent years it has become a famous summer resort for Australians, many of whom pass a portion of the hot season in its wonderful forest solitudes and secluded fern-tree vales.

    Wealth of the World's Waste Places and Oceania

  • On her right stood a Grecian pillar with a giant fern-tree on either side of it, and in the background towered a gaunt mountain, pale with snow.

    The Garden Party, and Other Stories

  • The reflections of the passing day spread a purple haze through the palm and fern-tree aisles of the woodland.

    Darkness and Dawn

  • In a few minutes the litter was ready-made of fern-tree branches thickly covered with leaves and odorous grasses.

    Darkness and Dawn

  • He thrust the stalk of the fern-tree branch far down into the sand, bending it so that the thick leaves shaded her.

    Darkness and Dawn

  • And though her hand began to shake so terribly that she could only with a great effort hold the glass, she steadied it against a fern-tree and thus managed to find again and hold the moving speck.

    Darkness and Dawn

  • Silence, save for a peculiar mumbling snuffle off ahead, among the deeper shadows of a fern-tree thicket.

    Darkness and Dawn

  • Here, or yonder, some brighter flare showed where the fire had run at one clear leap right to the fronded top of a fern-tree.

    Darkness and Dawn

  • And, leaving it here, covered with branches of the thick-topped fern-tree, they took provisions and once more set out on their exploration.

    Darkness and Dawn


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