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  • adj. Relating to a ferrite.


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  • If a pot made from a magnetic material—cast iron, steel, stainless steel of the proper crystal structure ferritic—is placed near the coil, then the alternating magnetic field induces an alternating electrical current in the pot.

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  • We've chosen an auto ferritic chemical coating that has no emissions at all.

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  • Rathgibson's 'U'-bend tubing cell is able to supply custom-bent heat exchanger elements using a large variety of tubing materials including all major stainless steel grades, numerous types of duplex stainless steel, super austenitic steel, and ferritic or super ferritic steel.

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  • For years, the domestic auto industry has made use of nickel-containing engine valve-grade steels, high-nickel-content turbocharger alloys, and austenitic stainless steel exhaust system components as well as high-tech ferritic stainless-grade parts.

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  • "High alloy prices (especially molybdenum and nickel) are affecting the demand for stainless sheet, encouraging talk about a slight shift toward ferritic grades," says Gambardella at J.P. Morgan.

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  • Finnish austenitic provider Outokumpu plans to increase production of nickel-free ferritic stainless steels.

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  • Most importantly, since record-high prices for nickel, molybdenum, chrome and cobalt have driven standard 300-series of austenitic stainless steels to heights never before seen, there have been accelerated conferences between design engineers and purchasing managers to gauge the utility of alternative ferritic grades in the 400 series; manganese-bearing and lower-nickel 200 series or silicon-containing 600 series austenitic alloys or such other materials as composites and coated carbon steels.

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  • An ordinary magnet will be attracted to the low-nickel ferritic and martensitic steels, but will not be attracted to the high-nickel austenitic steel.

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  • Slide 74: Figure 12.37 The heat treatments for ferritic and pearlitic malleable irons.

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  • Arcomac Surface Engineering LLC will develop and apply a multiple-layer nano-coating to low thermal expansion, low-cost ferritic stainless steels to improve their performance and durability as SOFC interconnect materials.

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