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  • n. The house or hut in which a fetish is kept.


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  • He on whom the choice falls is suddenly seized, bound, and thrown into the fetish-house, where he is kept in durance till he consents to accept the crown.

    The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion

  • In the distance could be seen the great fetish-house, with its enormous high thatched roof wherein was supposed to be hidden Prempeh's great treasures of gold-dust and jewels.

    The Great White Queen A Tale of Treasure and Treason

  • At the signal his four assistants seized their prisoner, and, despite his terrible struggles, rapidly placed him, head downwards, with his back against the tree-stump, and his limbs extended as far as they would go round it, when the fetish-man proceeded with cruel deliberation to secure him in position by _nailing him there_, the spikes taken from the fetish-house being used for the purpose.

    The Congo Rovers A Story of the Slave Squadron

  • By its ruddy light I saw the fetish-man retire to the interior of the temple or fetish-house, to appear immediately afterwards with a rude stone hammer in one hand and what looked like four or five large spike-nails in the other.

    The Congo Rovers A Story of the Slave Squadron

  • A loud murmur of applause from the spectators greeted this effort of the fetish-man, in the midst of which he retired for a few minutes to the interior of the fetish-house, probably to recruit his somewhat exhausted energies.

    The Congo Rovers A Story of the Slave Squadron

  • Simultaneously with the appearance of the guards -- for such they were -- there emerged from the fetish-house a man who appeared to be incredibly old, for his hair and beard were as white as snow, and his once stalwart form was now bowed and wizened with the passage of, as it seemed to me, hundreds of years.

    A Middy of the Slave Squadron A West African Story

  • A moment later another man appeared -- this time from the fetish-house on the opposite side of the square -- also with a chair, decorated with most gruesome -- looking carvings, which he placed beside the first.

    A Middy of the Slave Squadron A West African Story

  • In the midst of it all Mafuta sprang from his chair in a towering rage, and, addressing a few remarks to the king which seemed to make the latter feel rather uncomfortable, took himself off to his fetish-house, within which he vanished.

    A Middy of the Slave Squadron A West African Story

  • Matadi's town was situate, as I have said, upon the sloping hillside that constituted the south bank of the river, and consisted of some four or five hundred buildings arranged with tolerable regularity on either side of two broad streets or roads that crossed each other at right angles, their point of intersection being a spacious square, in the centre of which stood a circular structure with a high-peaked, pointed roof of thatch, that Lobo informed me was the fetish-house.

    The Pirate Slaver A Story of the West African Coast

  • This is a huge brass pan which fell from heaven: it is or was surrounded by drawn swords and gold-handled axes in its sanctuary, the fetish-house.]

    To The Gold Coast for Gold, Vol. II A Personal Narrative


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