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  • Having fetlocks.
  • Tied or hobbled by the fetlock.


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  • And most of all I remember a great, hairy - fetlocked stallion, often led dancing, sidling, and nickering down the narrow street.

    Chapter 15

  • After I took this, I went back and trimmed her legs to create the fetlocked appearance of a springer spaniel, but you get the idea.

    Scientists use particle accelerator to date wine

  • Loial was already mounted, on a huge, hairy-fetlocked horse, taller than any other in the stable by hands yet reduced nearly to pony size by the Ogier's long legs hanging down.

    The Shadow Rising

  • The Ogier's hairy-fetlocked horse was as tall and heavy as a Dhurran stallion, but with Loial's long legs dangling to either side, the animal looked undersized, like a large pony.

    The Dragon Reborn

  • The Ogier's hairy-fetlocked mount was as big and heavy as a prime Dhurran stallion.

    The Great Hunt

  • One fine autumn evening, in the year 1754, a country cart jogged eastwards into Market Drayton at the heels of a thick-set, shaggy-fetlocked and broken-winded cob.

    In Clive's Command A Story of the Fight for India

  • They only looked coldly at the pens filled with cattle for sale; long-horned, mouse-colored oxen were there; groups of patient donkeys, or the rough-maned, shaggy-fetlocked, bright-eyed small horses of the Campagna; countless pigs, many goats; while above all, the loud-singing jackasses were performing at the top of their lungs.

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 1, No. 6, June, 1862 Devoted To Literature and National Policy

  • He threads his way amid seemingly chaotic, architectural piles of boxes, of barrels, crates, casks, kegs, and bulging bags; roundabout many great fetlocked draught horses, frequently standing or plunging upon the sidewalk, and attached to many huge trucks and wagons; and much of the time in the street he is compelled to go, finding the side walks too congested with the traffic of commerce to admit of his passing there.

    The Fish Reporter

  • And most of all I remember a great, hairy-fetlocked stallion, often led dancing, sidling, and nickering down the narrow street.

    Chapter 15

  • A language ... not yet fetlocked by dictionary and grammar mongers.



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