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  • n. Plural form of fetlock.


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  • Hope was born July 11 with hyperextended fetlocks, meaning each rear foot was folded back to the lower leg. Top News Headlines

  • Down the road, through the swaying purple of the early lilacs, ridden by a picturesque cowboy, paced a great horse, glinting ruddy in the morning sun-gold, flinging free the snowy foam of his mighty fetlocks, his noble crest tossing, his eyes roving afield, the trumpet of his love-call echoing through the springing land.


  • During one of the final battles, Malory recounts how "by evensong time, Sir Launcelot and his party better stood, for their horses went in blood past the fetlocks, there was so much people slain".

    The Death of King Arthur by Peter Ackroyd – review

  • Ackroyd's version retains the fetlocks – a rare detail in Malory – but discards the lyrical counterbalance of "evensong time": "During the course of that day Lancelot's party got the better of the engagement; the very fetlocks of the horses were covered in blood."

    The Death of King Arthur by Peter Ackroyd – review

  • Splendid Arabian horses from the imperial stables, all black with white fetlocks, their bridles and saddles picked out in silver and velvet, stood right in the front.

    Shadow Princess

  • Now he was scrambling down to calm the hysterical horses, who were up to their fetlocks in water, their eyes wide with fright.


  • Contrast that to the Crusades emanating from Europe at the time, where when the Crusader armies finally wrested control of Jerusalem out of Muslim hands, they had no problem approaching the Holy Sepulchre, soaked up to their horse's fetlocks in Jewish and Christian, and of course, Muslim blood.

    In New Letter, Clinton's Lawyers Demand ABC Yank Film

  • Notice her well-formed knees and fetlocks as she coyly paws the shavings on the floor.

    Nacho! Polo!

  • A fine chestnut stallion, his front fetlocks hobbled, grazed in a clearing, and in the long, straight shadow of a tall walnut lay an orderly row of two dozen Muscovy ducks, snoozing away the afternoon, shifting position now and again to follow the shade.


  • Pheres, their driver, was shouting when I saw him. goading on his goodly steeds, with their bits of chased goldwork; whereof the centre pair, that bore the yoke, had dappled coats picked out with white, while the trace-horses, on the outside, facing the turning-post in the course, were bays with spotted fetlocks.

    Iphigenia at Aulis


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