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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of feudalize.


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  • And certainly any terrorist group seeking to operate in the Americas would find a feudalized Mexico to be an excellent operations base.

    Adam Elkus: What If a State Failed and Nobody Cared?

  • Instead, we should fear Mexico as another Colombia -- a feudalized state where the central government cannot exercise power over a multitude of violent non-state actors.

    Adam Elkus: What If a State Failed and Nobody Cared?

  • But you get used to it quickly as part of the flavor of a future feudalized America where corporate clans -- the Christler-Cokes, Disney-Dows, Jockey-Visas, and the like own it all, leave literacy to the lower classes, and live lives of golden ease.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • The monarchy was now dominant, the nobles largely feudalized, the clergy (with royal grants) powerful, the bourgeoisie vigorous (fisheries and cattle raising), the yeoman class strong and independent.

    e. Scandinavia

  • The classic instruments of the state have been feudalized through a corporatist political system, and control has passed to the barons.

    Rediscovering Institutions

  • An institutionalized civil service was the example that stood before his eyes in contrast to a feudalized service.


  • In the struggle for such Latin America, in opposition to the obedient voices of those who usurp its official representation, there arises now, with invincible power, the genuine voice of the people, a voice that forges ahead from the heart of its tin and coal mines, from its factories and sugar mills, from its feudalized lands, where "rotos,"


  • Scotland became a feudalized country will be found in the Appendix, where we shall also have an opportunity of referring, for purposes of comparison, to the methods by which clan-feeling was destroyed after the last Jacobite insurrection.

    An Outline of the Relations between England and Scotland (500-1707)

  • Toryism is the political expression of feudalized society, with lords and squires at the top, subservient dependants half-way down, and a mass of brutalized serfs at the bottom.

    The Contemporary Review, January 1883 Vol 43, No. 1

  • In Corsica, as in the Forest Cantons of Switzerland and the Highlands of Scotland, class distinctions were by no means so coveted as in lands that had been thoroughly feudalized; and the Buonapartes, content with their civic dignities at Ajaccio and the attachment of their partisans on their country estates, seem rarely to have used the prefix which implied nobility.

    The Life of Napoleon I 01


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