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  • n. Plural form of feud.


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  • Victory turned soar the moment this bill was introduced just fix the old bill this feuds is embaresing the Amearican resolve. mary

    Victory by Democrats on health care could turn sour

  • Brainy and eloquent as usual, although I think dealing with virtual feuds is futile … sparkle Said,

    Community Is Hard. Deal With It. | Her Bad Mother

  • But with business rivals he is always in feuds and showdowns, and not only high-profile ones like that with Turner.

    The Age of Murdoch

  • Here despite all the feuds was a well-kept home of nations.

    Europe—Whither Bound? Being Letters of Travel from the Capitals of Europe in the Year 1921

  • The lands granted to vassals in this way were called feuds, and this plan of holding lands was called the Feudal System.

    Famous Men of the Middle Ages

  • His "feuds" not only with yourself, but with Kevin Randle are way over the top and out of all sane? proportion.

    Posthuman Blues

  • Regardless of the hopes of our successive opponents over these decades, such "feuds", whether real or imagined, have never succeeded to divert the masses of our people away from their strategic goals, and will not do so now.

    ANC Today

  • [2] The word has nothing to do with "feuds," though these were common enough in feudal times.

    Early European History

  • He acknowledged past mistakes, such as feuds with the state's teachers, that some have blamed for his surprising defeat in 2002.


  • In this mode there are no cut-scenes, there are no "feuds" or storylines; it's fairly barebones, and you'll just hop from match to match picking up wins and working your way through championship belts (yes, one character can hold just about all of them in the game's career mode).



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