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  • Extremists—whether they're carrying the red hammer-and-sickle flag, the Nazi swastika flag, or the fever-ridden, distorted and anti-Muslim message of a blond ethnic Norwegian and self-proclaimed warrior such as Breivik—are dangerous and must be confronted.

    Norwegian Politics After Breivik

  • Indeed their hospitality was so fine, that night, that I began to feel regretful at the thought that I'd probably be exchanged in the next day or two, and would find myself back in that lousy, fever-ridden camp under Sevastopol - it's a curious thing, but my belly, which had been in such wicked condition all day, felt right as rain after that dinner.

    The Sky Writer

  • After gold was discovered in California (1848), 180,000 Americans raced to the West Coast in the first two years, although the trip was expensive and life-threatening (six months around Cape Horn, a few months less via the fever-ridden Isthmus of Panama or a slightly shorter overland journey through hazardous Indian territory).

    The Economics Of The Rat Race

  • It was a shopworn defense that presumed that there was nothing peculiar in sailing a ship hundreds of miles to the fever-ridden mouth of the Congo simply for an exchange of ownership papers.

    Hanging Captain Gordon

  • There were no welcoming ports in which to enjoy shore leave near their fever-ridden base on Porto Praia, so the squadron would sail north to the island of Madeira.

    Hanging Captain Gordon

  • Broken in body and spirit, he drags listlessly about; his inn, buried deep in the fever-ridden fields of eastern Sicily, attracts no customers.

    The Godfather's Grandfather

  • The impregnability of the stronghold lay in the three lakes that protected its northern and eastern sides, and in the fever-ridden marshes that sealed it off from the south and west.


  • Clara Barton, in her seventy-seventh year, who followed to the fever-ridden tropics to lead in the relief-work on Spanish battle-grounds.

    Ten American Girls From History

  • As the location of this city was much healthier than that of fever-ridden Isabela on the north coast, the settlers in an ever increasing stream removed to the new town which flourished as the other decayed, until after a few years

    Santo Domingo A Country with a Future

  • The islands and most of the other provinces were supplied by uncertain "vaisseaux de registre," while Peru and Chili, finding all direct commerce by the Pacific or South Sea interdicted, were obliged to resort to the fever-ridden town of Porto Bello, where the mortality was enormous and the prices increased tenfold.

    The Buccaneers in the West Indies in the XVII Century


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