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  • v. Present participle of fever.


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  • Blood rushed through her veins, fevering her skin already heated from the restless, pressing movements of his hands, alternately caressing and molding her body to his needs.

    Western Man

  • But I wanted to give Americans who aren't at the epicenter of the galactic madness which is currently fevering planet Earth a taste of what it's like to be in South Africa at World Cup 2010.

    David Henry Sterry: An American in South Africa -- Or, Why Soccer Really Matters

  • The skin of her hand felt cool against my fevering brain.

    A Body Divided, 3

  • It may just be a difference in their metabolisms, but when my daughter had her immunizations 10 years ago back when they spaced them out by 3-6 months, she never had problems with fevering after an injection.

    Is autism caused by vaccines? The straight truth.

  • Fingers like swollen sausages and a terrible paralysis beginning to suffuse him, stiffening his limbs, fevering his mind, Kenneally saw the great shade looming up over the side of the boat, flicking sea water from its slick blue skin.

    The Miko

  • She wanted to breathe the cool breath of great winds coming over the water to cool this fierce fire of shame and horror fevering her soul, flaming in her delicate cheeks.

    Little Lost Sister

  • Camping ground at night was almost unobtainable, and thick, poisonous mists enwreathed the boats during the hours of darkness, fevering the men's blood, cramping and stiffening their limbs.

    Sea-Dogs All! A Tale of Forest and Sea

  • Of course, when you begin to get better there are grapes and other luxuries not of everyday occurrences, but while you're sniffling and fevering in bed, as red as a lobster and blazing hot, you are inclined to think it is a heavy price to pay for any concert, however raising.

    New Treasure Seekers

  • A priest came out, wearing the Jacobin habit, one of those preaching friars who had been fevering the blood of Paris.

    The Path of the King

  • He tried to brace himself against the infection which was creeping slowly but insidiously into his life, dulling his brain, fevering his blood, and prostrating his strength.

    Iola Leroy, Or Shadows Uplifted.


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