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  • n. Plural form of fiasco.


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  • The way one takes responsibility for these fiascos is not by blithely declaring, "my bad," but by resigning.


  • Robert Zoellick, who doesn’t seem to have done the country any good as US Trade Representative or as Deputy Secretary of State, but who also has the rare distinction of having served at a high level of the Bush administration without directly causing any major fiascos is set to head the World Bank.

    Matthew Yglesias » Sweet Mediocrity

  • BLITZER: Howie, let me ask -- I was going to just pick up, Judy, and ask Howie about -- he's had about a week to digest the impact of the Geraldo Rivera and Peter Arnett -- I don't know if you want to call them "fiascos" or "episodes," journalistic episodes, that occurred.

    CNN Transcript Apr 6, 2003

  • The current economic downturn and the fiascos in Afghanistan and Iraq have drastically dwindled the appeal of American exceptionalism.

    Matthew Yglesias » The European Bogeyman

  • The man on Main Street looks at these fiascos and says, with some justice, that here were a bunch of greedy crooks who were powerful enough to take thousands of innocent employees, customers, and investors down with them, not to mention the millions affected by the worldwide financial crisis.

    Paul R. Lawrence: The Fall Of Corporate Leadership

  • Eventually, if memory serves me well, a sign-up system was adopted in order to avoid future potluck menu fiascos.

    In the Time of Bobby Cox

  • Risk-takers such as the Green Day-scored American Idiot can't survive it closes at the end of April, and corporate fiascos such as Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark threaten to turn the Great White Way into a global joke.

    The Book of Mormon – review

  • In his conclusion, noting the multiple instances of traffic fiascos across the country as well as mass power outages and roof collapses, he aptly states: "...this season has dramatically illustrated, in both the U.S. and Europe, how vulnerable we are to severe winter conditions."

    Cloud streets, Hawaii calls, Commutageddon, communication, and climate change

  • Yet, in other places, attempts to intimidate demonstrators turned into violent fiascos.

    The Return

  • The deep-bore tunnel is an engineering travesty of monumental proportions, a fiasco of fiascos, a dreadful mistake.

    O’Brien: State “Reverse-Engineered” Its Tunnel Risk Estimates « PubliCola


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