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  • n. Plural form of fiat.


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  • The imposition of their restrictive fiats is to set back the individual rights of women decades, if not centuries.

    Think Progress » Breaking: GAO Confirms FDA Put Ideology Before Science On Plan B

  • It also most pi-o - bably underlies the numerous little "fiats" and valleys which border the north side of the range, and which make some of the prettiest farming sites in the country.

    Transactions of the American Philosophical Society

  • The fundamental problem is that in the last 10 years truly market-conforming structural reforms have all but stalled and the policymakers have become addicted to administrative fiats and financial mobilization to grow the GDP.

    Behind the Veneer of China's Growth

  • You and I should have to pay people for their time, based on what they are able to command in a global market, not what the government fiats. 30% unemployed at the minimum wage level. 3% unemployed up at $150K.

    Matthew Yglesias » Hispanics and Crime

  • Housing is part of his official portfolio as vice premier, yet although state fiats have slowed the upward spiral in real-estate prices, urban apartments are still unaffordable for most Chinese.

    Li Keqiang Meets Hong Kong

  • An 18-member board will decide how and how much providers should be paid, and the bill gives regulators the power to force private insurers to accept these fiats.

    The Massachusetts Health-Reform Mess

  • Missing is the brick by brick accumulation of government mandates, fiats, taxes and regulations that slowly strangle an economy already teetering on the brink, the unintended consequences of each new government intervention calling for ever more.

    Atlas Shrugged. Did Anyone Notice?

  • Darwin had devoted himself so whole-heartedly to replacing divine acts and fiats by chance and selection, that he might as well have gone the whole way back to Epicurus and declared for the eternity of matter.

    Approaches Determine Outcomes

  • The word is that generic advice on important matters, news of improbable scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, dubious fiats on the subject of maintaining optimum bodily health -- essentially any amorphously authoritative declaration whatsoever -- can be treated as gospel by the intended recipient, no question about it.

    John Baxter: Information From Anonymous Sources 100% Reliable, They Say

  • Maybe I'm "biased" having married a non-citizen who remains so, BUT under the MCA as interpreted by liberty-destroying courts, she clearly has zero constitutional rights as against the executive's detention fiats.

    Liberty Has Been Lost


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