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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fibrillate.


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  • The condition involves the left and right atrial chambers of the heart and is characterised by quivering or 'fibrillating' of heart muscles, instead of the usual coordinated contraction. - latest science and technology news stories

  • It happens when the electrical activity in the two upper chambers of the heart (the atria) gets out of sync and the muscles start "fibrillating" (quivering) instead of contracting normally.

    Red Room: Zoe FitzGerald Carter: Saying Goodbye to Wine

  • For the best culinary prose is really about a healthy and earthy appetite for life, and the goal of the culinary-inclined author is to stimulate the readers 'senses until they are fibrillating with excitement and ravenous for the very essence of life.

    Richard C. Morais: The Poetry of Pork

  • I could feel the beast's heart fibrillating beneath my cheek, the only part still capable of a death struggle.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • Barney Frank didn't help by fibrillating on Monday that investors everywhere would be afraid to invest after Mr. Madoff.

    Mad Men

  • The American people, in keeping with their reputation as the most misinformed people on the planet, have been the slowest to recognize that as citizens of a clearly fibrillating bourgeois democracy they are perpetually teetering on the brink of fascism.

    Hope, Change, and Pissing in the Wind

  • Yes, it's true that at the center of our health care system there's a giant fibrillating mass of heart and arterial tissue.

    Esther Dyson: Release 0.9: Health2.1 -- Afterthoughts on the Wonderful Health 2.0 Conference

  • A lot of it is a consequence of real economic fears in a fibrillating global economy.

    Stalking The Radical Middle

  • His heartbeat was near fibrillating, a racing in his chest that made his throat seem to close and he needed air.


  • We both got more respectful, however, when the doctors told us that when the heart stops fibrillating and kicks back into sync, there is a danger of blood clots shooting through the body and causing a stroke.

    Barbara Bush


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