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  • In botany: Furnished or clothed with fibrils.
  • Composed of small fibers.
  • Marked with fine lines, as if composed of fine fibrils; finely striate.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective Covered with hairlike appendages, as the under surface of some lichens; also, composed of little strings or fibers.

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  • adjective Covered with hair-like appendages, as the undersurface of some lichens.
  • adjective Composed of little strings or fibres.

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  • adjective covered with fibrils more or less evenly disposed


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  • +Stem+ nearly equal, 2 to 3 inches long, 2 to 4 lines thick, firm, hollow, slightly fibrillose, whitish or yellowish above, reddish-brown below.

    Among the Mushrooms A Guide For Beginners

  • Pileus, scaly or warted.campanulate. silky, cracked or fibrillose.umbonate. umbilicate. striate.

    Among the Mushrooms A Guide For Beginners

  • It is, both outside and inside, of a whitish violet color, often fibrillose above, with the cortina, and sometimes with the white veil, in the form of a zone at the middle.

    Among the Mushrooms A Guide For Beginners

  • INOCYBE Fr. In the genus _Inocybe_ there is a universal veil which is fibrillose in character, and more or less closely joined with the cuticle of the pileus, and the surface of the pileus is therefore marked with fibrils or is more or less scaly.

    Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.

  • The veil is only seen in the young stage, and then is very delicate and fibrillose.

    Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.

  • Whereas Striga absorbs nutrients from the host plant without benefit for the host, mycorrhizal fungi perform a highly beneficial function: in return for invading the root cells of a plant and consuming some of the host plant's photosynthesized sugars, mycorrhizal fungi pass on water and nutrients, such as phosphorus, that the fungi absorb from the soil through their fibrillose hyphae.


  • On or close to stumps.] [Footnote 5: On rotten wood.] [Footnote 6: Almost free.] [Footnote 7: Often fibrillose or floccose.] [Footnote 8: Somewhat.]

    Among the Mushrooms A Guide For Beginners


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