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  • adj. Accompanied by fibrosis


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  • Like his father, who had died the same way at the zoo in the early 1990s, Mopie had previously been diagnosed with an unexplained form of heart disease known as fibrosing cardiomyopathy, in which healthy heart muscle turns into fibrous bands unable to pump blood.

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  • The single most common cause of death among adult gorillas is a heart ailment known as fibrosing cardiomyopathy.

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  • PANCREAZE may increase your chance of having a serious, rare bowel disorder called fibrosing colonopathy that may require surgery.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • A rare bowel disorder called fibrosing colonopathy.

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  • A rare bowel disorder, called fibrosing colonopathy, can result from a patient's high-dose use of Creon.

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  • A 1994 study of 74 captive gorilla deaths, published by veterinarians Tom Meehan of the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and Linda Lowenstine of the University of California at Davis, found that 41 percent — and 70 percent of males older than 30 — were from heart disease, mainly fibrosing cardiomyopathy.

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  • My medical knowledge was certainly notched up, and for a few brief weeks I managed to slip "cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis" into casual conversation.

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  • The REMS and Medication Guide address the risk associated with the use of ZENPEP, including fibrosing colonopathy, a rare, serious adverse reaction that has been reported following treatment with high-dose use of pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy in the treatment of cystic fibrosis patients usually over a prolonged time period.

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  • Tell your doctor if you: are allergic to pork (pig) products. have a history of blockage of your intestines, or scarring or thickening of your bowel wall (fibrosing colonopathy). have gout, kidney disease, or high blood uric acid (hyperuricemia). have trouble swallowing capsules. have any other medical condition. are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. are breast-feeding or plan to breast-feed.

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  • The results showed that shear wave velocity could be reproducibly measured at multiple sites and showed positive correlations with histological fibrous stages and a serum fibrous marker suggesting great potential for clarifying NASH stage and fibrosing process. - latest science and technology news stories


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