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  • noun A short fic; a short piece of fan fiction or (less commonly) original fiction.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

fic +‎ -let


  • Anyone who bids at this point forward gets a 1000 word ficlet and if the bidding for some insane reason hits $400, I'll up it to 15,000 words.

    Support Stacie Update

  • A ficlet is a short story that enables you to collaborate with the world.

    Posthuman Blues

  • A/N: This is my second to last auction ficlet for those who bid in the Support Stacie auction but didn't win.

    Not So Secret Identity (1/1)--for Catyuy

  • If it goes over $200 any bidder gets one ficlet of over 750 words.

    Chocolate Mousse--Drabble for Apurplepatch

  • I believe I have a ficlet vibe at long last ... explaining what he did on the JE beach and why he did it, too.: grin:

    Pony Pep Talk Needed...ARRGGH!

  • I've got one story up for bid and you are welcome to gang up on Wiggiemomsi by going in together with other people to make your bid higher than hers. * grins* I'm offering a drabble for every bidder (but not every bid!) and a ficlet of at least 750 words to any person who bids above $200 for the main fic.

    Feeling Much Better Today and Support Stacie Auction

  • And I'm working on a scenario for a birthday present, this one's a full ficlet, not just a drabble or double drabble.

    A Couple of Squees

  • Catyuy, you'll get a ficlet regardless of the outcome.

    Support Stacie Update

  • It was supposed to be a drabble, but I've missed writing in the Zeppelins 'verse so got a little carried away and made it a ficlet.

    Chocolate Mousse--Drabble for Apurplepatch

  • As incentives I will also write one drabble for each person (not each bid) who makes a bid, and a ficlet of at least 750 words for any person who bids over $200.

    That Was Beautiful


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