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  • noun Plural form of fictionalist.


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  • "fictionalists" who, as the name indicate, ascribe much less realism to models and think of them as purely mental laboratories that may still, however, allow for certain inferences to the real world.

    Organizations and Markets

  • Of course, the event, implausible even to those most rabid fictionalists on right wing, was a hoax.

    McCain Communications Director Gave Reporters Incendiary Version Of "Carved B" Story Before Facts Were Known

  • For instance, one might argue that fictionalists cannot account for the objectivity of mathematics (for responses to this, see Field (1980, 1989, 1998) and Balaguer (2009)).

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • Just like standard versions of non-cognitivism, fictionalists will generally offer a story about what non-cognitive states of mind they do conventionally express.

    Boys in White Suits

  • For since paraphrase nominalists don't believe in the existence of mathematical objects, if they admit that ordinary utterances of ˜3 is prime™ are best interpreted as being about mathematical objects, or purporting to be about such objects, then they will have to admit that such sentences are literally untrue, as fictionalists maintain.

    Platonism in Metaphysics

  • But while error theorists think that the falsity of moral sentences implies that ordinary moral talk is massively in error, fictionalists disagree.

    Boys in White Suits

  • Recall that fictionalists accept psychological non-cognitivism, but reject semantic nonfactualism.

    Boys in White Suits

  • Of course, the event, implausible even to those most rabid fictionalists on right wing, was a hoax.

    Report: McCain Volunteer Who Claimed "Carved B" Attack Confesses To Making Up Story

  • Thus, fictionalists are psychological non-cognitivists.

    Boys in White Suits

  • Thus, intention-based fictionalists can maintain that it's an open mathematical question whether CH has a determinate truth value (and if it does, what that truth value is).

    Fictionalism in the Philosophy of Mathematics


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