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  • adv. In a fictive manner.

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  • In a fictive manner.


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fictive +‎ -ly


  • It's appealing to believe we could actually be living in a fictively liberated moment.

    Trial Separation

  • Rather such speakers are using it fictively, and this use involves no error.

    Boys in White Suits

  • Jen's ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan is fictively engaged to Ben's ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming movie "Monster-in-Law."


  • She can threaten fictively her holiday, if it should ill-use her by bringing rain to spoil her enjoyment; but even this intimidation is of the very spirit of confiding love, for her threat is that if rain does fall, she will be sorrowful and depressed, instead of joyous and exhilarated, for the rest of the year during which she will be bound to her "wearisome silk-winding, coil on coil."

    Browning's Heroines

  • If I were to fictively describe a journey I was yet to take, who knew what might happen when I actually undertook it?

    Books news, reviews and author interviews |

  • A normative claim to the effect that talk of possible worlds ought to be interpreted as merely fictional discourse, or the corresponding strong fictionalist claim that modal statements ought to be reinterpreted so as to be explained or analysed as statements about the content of the fiction of possible worlds, might be found attractive even if it were conceded that most people who employed the discourse were not talking fictively, or that the actual commitments of the folk and most philosophers who employ everyday modal idiom are to be cashed out in some other way (e.g. as implicit commitment to some false theory, perhaps one which took modal statements to have truth conditions in terms of an objective modal reality).

    Modal Fictionalism

  • This is not to say that lip service won’t continue to be paid in abundance for media consumption of the concept domestically, of course…as the public’s conditioned response to the 1-2 of soothing propaganda and real-time inaction and neglect is part of the playbook for the fictively enhanced ‘democracy lite’ being foisted as a cloudy pretense of regency, created to provide a plausible cover for the turmoil necessary to continue furtive strategic repositioning.

    Firedoglake » Still No Government in Iraq

  • a collection of miscellaneous writings by Jorge Luis Borges, fictively and perhaps psychologically describe the harsh realities of the celebrated writer's beloved country in ways that the essays and reviews, which make up the bulk of the collection, do not.



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