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  • n. Reliance on faith alone rather than scientific reasoning or philosophy in questions of religion.

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  • n. the doctrine that faith is the basis of all knowledge


Probably from French fidéïsme, from Latin fidēs, faith; see bheidh- in Indo-European roots.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Latin fides. (Wiktionary)


  • In recent years, a small number of philosophers of religion has embraced the term fideism and sought to reclaim its non-pejorative use.


  • In a powerful critique of the theological turn in French phenomenology, for example in the work of Jean-Luc Marion, Meillassoux shows how the flip side of correlationism is fideism, that is, the rather vague discourse on the numinous that one finds in many followers of Heidegger, but also - it should be added - in Wittgenstein's curious remarks about the mystical towards the end of the Tractatus.

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  • Alvin Plantinga defines "fideism" as "the exclusive or basic reliance upon faith alone, accompanied by a consequent disparagement of reason and utilized especially in the pursuit of philosophical or religious truth."


  • Maltheism, of course, has a long and rich history through dystheism, misotheism, theodicy, dualism, and fideism, due largely to the fact that religious authors through the ages have taken great pains to unapologetically anthropomorphize their gods in all the worst ways possible.

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  • The kind of radical fideism that some evangelical Christians are exhibiting toward catastrophic global warming is a betrayal of science and a betrayal of the Christian intellectual tradition ….


  • Btw, it may pass notice without an overt mention, but the earlier reference to the "unholy" trinity - of facile contempt, philistine incomprehension and an incurious and willful blindness - is "unholy" vis-a-vis the very best and most rigorous of post-Enlightenment (i.e. rational and transparent) standards, not the pseudo-standards of some strawman, stereotypical, backwards looking fideism.

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  • Basically, all these guys do is throw a shrouding mist over the issue, and try to pretend that they have a rational answer when really they only have fideism.

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  • Craig's platform is a veil of obfuscating rhetoric and quasi-philosophical logic see his "possible worlds" argument combined with a pretty rampant fideism hiding behind a facade of rationalism.

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  • Outside the walls of his evangelical castle, where his believers all worship him as some great god of philosophy and debate, he's got absolutely nothing except pure, unadulterated fideism.

    Chris Hitchens meets the Christians | RELIGION Blog |

  • True, fideism has its place - but it isn't fact and it isn't even reason, as flawed as reason is.

    Chris Hitchens meets the Christians | RELIGION Blog |


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