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  • adj. Pertaining to fideism.


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  • Sophisticated religionists have long had more subtle conceptions of their religions, of course, without the fideistic claptrap rightly derided (but wrongly labeled "religion") by today's detractors.

    Jay Michaelson: A Better Way to Believe in God

  • Materialism is one misapplication: "Explain the facts with the most parsimonious ontology," the materialist exhorts, and then demands that we accept an ontology so sparing that he cannot even pretend it is adequate to explain the facts at least, "not yet," he justifies himself with his inexplicable fideistic confidence.

    Free Will and Behavioral Genetics, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • It is also gratifying to see someone else call out the fundamentalist scientism-ists as just as rabidly fideistic as many fundamentalist Christians.

    Evolution and Liberal Christianity

  • The diff between us is that I realise the depth of the dilemma for humanity if God hasn't spoken, and you still cling to a short-sighted, fideistic "we'll be OK if we can just be good enough" wishy-washy belief system.

    Quote of the Day (Eric Reitan)

  • The variety of Thomism which seems to be represented by this "Society of Scholastics" seems to be not so much philosophy as it is a sort of fideistic adherence to a certain school of intepretation of Saint Thomas, the same type of fideistic adherence to non-binding hilosophical theses which caused certain Catholics to attack Saint Thomas himself several hundred years ago.

    The Society of Scholastics -- online courses about to start

  • Whatever the case may be, they had their reasons, good or bad, and now their hopes have been dashed to pieces by belligerent ideologues and fideistic advocates of the Austrian school.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • It has been argued that Wittgenstein's later thought, though perhaps not overtly fideistic, nevertheless lends itself to fideistic interpretation.


  • One difference between these two contemporary versions of fideism is that Evans focuses primarily on what is permissible in an epistemic sense, whereas Bishop begins with the ethics of fideistic belief, by considering the justifiability in moral terms of taking religious beliefs to be true in one's practical reasoning.


  • If they were fideistic, they were nevertheless not dogmatic.


  • He flourished at a time that has been judged by historians as on the whole decadent, fideistic, and radically skeptical, in contrast to the period in which, for example, Thomas Aquinas worked (d. 1274); this historical viewpoint already made difficult an objective evaluation of Rimini.

    Gregory of Rimini


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