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  • adj. superlative form of fiery: most fiery.


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  • Most notably, William Jennings Bryan, “The Great Commoner” and the fieriest critic of the new concentrations of wealth and power, fused fundamentalist religious fervor and political radicalism, culminating in his famous “Cross of Gold” peroration at the Democratic National Convention of 1896.36 The phrase “What would Jesus do?” was popularized in a bestselling 1899 novel by Charles Sheldon, a Congregational minister in Topeka, Kansas, as an appeal to overturn economic inequality.

    American Grace

  • One of the fieriest exponents of creation science who preached at my grade school said the Army tested his IQ at 135.

    The Fundamentalist Stereotype: A Vindication, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Those fieriest champions of the Tariff Act -- Senator Reed Smoot, Representative William Hawley, and President Herbert Hoover and a host of others -- were defeated in the 1932 election.

    Don Bonker: Is Congress About to Cause Another Great Depression?

  • Ayres: Well, certainly they're not picking him as the fieriest campaigner.

    The Palmetto Polls

  • Hunanese food is the fieriest of all the Chinese traditions: less oily than Szechuan and much more pungent.

    Restaurant review: Bashan

  • The fieriest response I found was from a Chinese man heading to business school in New York this year.

    Olivia Sterns: Thoughts on Facebook from China

  • Bertha “Bad Breath” Brettwaller may have been the smelliest, but she was also the fiercest and fieriest leader in the Ever After.

    May Bird, Warrior Princess

  • The tongues of flame pronounce words as cold and exact as the fieriest truth that lips can utter.


  • Lawmakers will unleash their fieriest rhetoric about the heartlessness of Fed policy.

    Testing The New Guy

  • One of the fieriest of all chile peppers, the small lantern-shaped SCOTCH BONNET CHILE ranges in color from yellow to red to green.

    From Warehouse to Your House


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