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  • n. The ordinal form of the number fifty-nine, describing a person or thing in position number 59 of a sequence.
  • n. One of fifty-nine equal parts of a whole.


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  • It was July 24, 1992, just one day before her fifty-ninth birthday.

    Yellow Dirt

  • His fifty-ninth homer in the fourth inning brought the crowd and the television audience to the edge of their seats.

    Going Home to Glory

  • Amy Cieolara, wearing a navy blue skirt and jacket over a white silk blouse, stepped off the elevator onto the plush carpeting of the fifty-ninth floor at 2:53 p.m.


  • Riding the mahogany-paneled executive elevator to the fifty-ninth floor, Amy said to herself, I could get used to all this.


  • In 2005, the Inter-Parliamentary Union service ranked Israel in fifty-ninth place, in descending order, in terms of women serving in a lower, or single, house.

    Politics in the Yishuv and Israel.

  • Age deduced from his autobiographical note at the end of his Ecclesiastical History, written in 731, where he refers to “…my fifty-ninth year….”, implying he was 58 at the time of writing;

    Kreativ Blogger Award

  • Speaking of age, Martina Navratilova is going to be 50 years old next month October 18 but she also just won another Grand Slam title, her fifty-ninth, the 2006 US Open Mixed Doubles title with fellow lefty Bob Bryan.

    US OPEN 2006: Final Results and Comments

  • Two days later, on his fifty-ninth birthday, Livy handed Sam his birthday presents, which cost two francs, total.

    Mark Twain

  • Each time she gave birth, she was allotted exactly fifty-eight days maternity leave; each time, on the fifty-ninth day, she reported to work and handed her newborn child over to a nursery attendant.


  • This book was the fifty-ninth in an annual series.

    The Best of Friends


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