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  • adj. By a multiple of fifty; by fifty times as much or as many.
  • adv. By a factor of fifty.


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fifty +‎ -fold


  • It is fiftyfold less than the 100 billion neurons in the human brain.

    World Wide Mind

  • In 1930, even before medication for leprosy was discovered, their number had been reduced to 2 percent of the lepers who had lived in Norway before isolation—a fiftyfold reduction within eighty years.29

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • The 1793 invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney increased by fiftyfold the quantity of cotton that could be processed in a day and greatly increased the demand for slave labor in the South.

    DNC: Barbour 'defended the indefensible'

  • The amount of WOT fan-fiction probably exceeds the volume of the series at least fiftyfold.

    Jordanian hiatus

  • And long-term HIV-positive men have a fiftyfold greater risk of developing testicular cancer than the general population.

    A Baby at Last!

  • Welch's iconic status -- GE's stock has increased fiftyfold in his 20-year reign -- and the circumstances surrounding his extension may have tempered the criticism.

    Not The Retiring Kind

  • For the past 100 years most of the tremendous increase in wealth-producing capacity and personal incomes -- a fiftyfold increase in the developed countries -- has been spent on greater leisure, on health care, and on education.

    What Would Peter Drucker Do?

  • "Drug courts" that allow judges to impose substance-abuse treatment in place of jail have grown fiftyfold since the mid-1990s, part of a new understanding that, even with frequent relapses, treatment is much less expensive for society than prison and interdiction.

    The War On Addiction

  • Since I began visiting Guigal annually in the late 1970s, his production must have increased more than fiftyfold, and there have been times when I feared such expansion could not occur without a decline in quality.

    The World’s Greatest Wine Estates

  • And now under existing law we are purchasing 54,000,000 ounces of silver a year; so that what she calls the demonetization of silver has resulted in its use in our country to an extent more than fiftyfold greater than before its demonetization.

    Recollections of Forty Years in the House, Senate and Cabinet An Autobiography.


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