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  • adj. superlative form of fighting: most fighting. Most inclined to fight.


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  • Rod Serling, a fightingest Unitarian liberal if ever there was, who brought parable back to post Playhouse-90 TV, was a paratrooper in the Philippines where he was badly wounded, and wrote one of his best (and most controversial) Twilight Zones about the need to move beyond that drive to wipe out the Other that both sides exhibited with gusto in the Pacific.

    Where we won the War we started by almost losing it

  • I'd heard rumors that goldens are the fightingest trout around and and this guy did not disappoint.

    Field & Stream

  • Eventually I'll be the thinnest, but I'm going to be fightingest (ph) candidate.

    CNN Transcript Aug 29, 2009

  • FYI, the Bad One full name: Probert the Bad One was a tip of the hat to hockey legend Bob "The Bad One" Probert, the fightingest hockey player ever.

    WARRIOR #34 DC Comics, 1995

  • "This is the fightingest group of cadets I've ever seen," Strong continued.

    Stand by for Mars!

  • I never could make up my mind which made the fightingest reading in the San Francisco papers, the account of Friday's boxing contest or of Monday's meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

    The Native Son

  • When I had waited for my head to be cracked, until I had time to remember that a Crusader didn't dodge and hide, I looked up, and there she stood with the ruler lifted; but now she had turned just the shade of the wattles on our fightingest turkey gobbler.

    Laddie: A True Blue Story

  • Why, he's at least half bobcat -- mebbe three-quarters; and the fightingest devil! '

    Somewhere in Red Gap

  • "The fightingest parts of the Bible," and the Apocrypha, and stories like that of the Witch of Endor, were sabbatical literature, read in a huge old illustrated Bible.

    Adventures Among Books

  • β€œHe's de fightingest more Yankee I eber see in all my days.”

    Army Life in a Black Regiment


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