from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The discharge of small-arms by files of soldiers firing in succession.


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  • A withering volley from the right and rear face of the square, followed by a rapid file-firing from the standing ranks, emptied quite a number of saddles and drove the troopers off.

    Vellenaux A Novel

  • Every now and then loose stones set in motion by our feet would slip into this bottomless pit, and we could hear them bounding down from ledge to ledge, smashing themselves into a thousand fragments, till the echoes so often repeated were like the independent file-firing of a battalion of infantry.

    A Peep into Toorkisthhan

  • They charged again and again, "like valiant and courageous soldiers," but at every charge the pirates stood firm, and withered them with file-firing.

    On the Spanish Main Or, Some English forays on the Isthmus of Darien.

  • The thunder crashed out in sharp reports like file-firing at a review.

    With Edged Tools

  • The champagne-corks continued a regular file-firing.

    Ordeal of Richard Feverel — Volume 5

  • The footman was diligent; the champagne corks feebly recalled the file-firing at Richmond.

    Ordeal of Richard Feverel — Volume 5

  • Bands of the scum of the population hung at various points: from time to time a shout was raised at a distance, "Abasso il zigarro!" and "Away with the cigar!" went an organized file-firing of cries along the open place.

    Vittoria — Complete

  • In this singular war, whole regiments have been sent into action (as at Antietam) without even an hour's practice in file-firing, and have stood their ground, too, manfully, though helplessly, the merest food for cannon.

    Border and Bastille

  • The men being ready, file-firing was ordered, and then the young chief came into my tent.

    The Discovery of the Source of the Nile

  • Yet all along the fateful ridge -- now obscured and confused with thin crossing smoke-drifts from file-firing, like partly rubbed-out slate-pencil marks; or else, when cleared of those drifts, presenting only an indistinguishable map of zigzag lines of straggling wagons and horses, unintelligible to any eye but his -- the singular magnetism of the chief was felt everywhere: whether it was shown in the quick closing in of resistance to some sharper onset of the enemy or the more dogged stand of inaction under fire, his power was always dominant.



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