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  • n. Plural form of filer.


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  • Audit Analytics also notes that for the partial year 2010 on which their estimates of the trend are based, 2590 of the 2636 going concern qualifications were filed by non-accelerated filers, that is, the smallest public companies. News

  • Pigford II, Congress is close to passing $1.15 billion in compensation for those late filers, which is attached to the war supplemental appropriations bill.


  • The issue is that it is inherently problematic to have a democracy in which a third of filers pay no personal income tax at all (another datum from the IRS), and the entire bottom half of filers, meaning those with adjusted gross incomes below $33,000, have an average tax rate of just 3%.

    Tax Withholding Is Bad for Democracy

  • It recognizes the people Microsoft calls email "filers" as well as the "pilers."

    Email's Friendly Fire

  • He says that there are "filers" who use folders to archive messages and "pilers" who just stack stuff in their inbox.

    Random feeds from

  • It seems that there are many lawyers and many consumers who are habitual filers, meaning that they have sued multiple times under the FDCPA and FCRA.


  • "Alan said we were going to place 'filers' (bombs) in the cars.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Less than 3 percent of tax filers with any business income earn over $200,000 as individuals or $250,000 as couples in a year -- and many of these are Wall Street investment partners, big business CEOs paid to sit on boards of other big companies, and wealthy folks renting out investment properties and vacation homes.

    Chuck Collins: Restoring Top Tax Rates Makes Sense for Small Business

  • The charitable deduction currently allows tax filers who itemize their returns to deduct contributions to nonprofit organizations from their taxable income.

    A New Big Idea: Create Jobs And Reduce Poverty By Doubling The Charitable Deduction

  • In New York City, the highest-earning 1% of tax filers pay approximately 50% of the city's income taxes.

    Progressive Government Is Obsolete


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