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  • noun Plural form of filopodium.


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  • The remaining dendritic protrusions were classified as filopodia-shaped protrusions and mushroom-shaped spines based on the ratio of spine head width to protrusion length.

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  • As they do so, finger-like structures called filopodia extend and retract rapidly from the tip of the axons and eventually make a stable contact with the dendrite.

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  • The results validate a common belief among cell biologists, says Tran - that to cause a cell to form a branching projection, such as filopodia or dendrite, or new shape, simply adjust the cytoskeleton accordingly, and the shape will follow suit.


  • (E) The superposition of confocal (z-stack of 3.52 µm) and scanning-EM images shows that the needles do not fit with filopodia but correspond to dorsal ruffles. doi: 10.1371/journal. pone.0009014.g004

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  • To penetrate dendritic cells, the viruses bond to their filopodia and allow themselves to be transported to the cell surface. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Acute BDNF stimulation increased the size of the spine head, whereas gradual stimulation caused spine length elongation and induced more filopodia-like protrusions.

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  • Staining of PC-3 filopodia with an antibody specific for the active form of integrin beta 1 (ITGB1), illustrating dense decoration of spindle-like cell structures.

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  • The protrusion whose width was smaller than half the size of its length was judged as filopodia or thin spine.

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  • Mass phenotype structures did usually not show invasion of the lrECM; however, formation of filopodia or pseudopodia was consistently observed in the 22rV1 and occasionally in the LNCaP and RWPE-2 cell lines.

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  • These have long antennae, the filopodia, on their surface, which act as sensors and "search" for foreign bodies. - latest science and technology news stories


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