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  • n. Plural form of finagler.


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  • Please, Senator Biden, just shut up for a while ... you are one of the front-runners in the race to enable the Bush finaglers to find new 'reasons' to thwart the expressed will of the American electorate.

    Dem Senators Weigh In On Blair's Plan To Withdraw From Iraq

  • Wherever you find hired guns, you also will find people playing the Criminal role: some lawyers, lobbyists, politicians, financial finaglers, and so forth.

    Now What?

  • And we end up a bunch of duplicitous, cowardly political finaglers -- and the slaughter continues, and God knows where it will go next.

    Supplementally the People Lose Again

  • The finaglers of Wall Street were now joined by the finaglers of international finance.

    America's First Dynasty

  • That is why new calls have arisen to change the law so that bribe takers, kickback schemers, pay-to-play chiselers and other finaglers holding public office do not enjoy the same retirement privileges as their honest colleagues.

    NYT > Home Page

  • But behind Rummy's back, the REMFs (rear-echelon master finaglers) at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., began work on a new doctrine that would that would snatch the strategic rug out from under the space-age services and from Rummy himself. Original

  • Chief among the broadcloth-suited railroad finaglers of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific were Thomas Durant, Jay Cooke, Grenville Dodge, Oliver Ames, Collis Huntington, their relatives, friends and political connections, abetted by a carload of criminal-minded congressmen.

    Bird Cloud

  • a not-so-innocent's chronicle of crafty charlatans and vulpine finaglers who left the hero dazed and diminished in the bankruptcy of his dreams.

    Published and Perished

  • TV Money Honeys, fast-talking finance finaglers, Nightly News anchors, Sunday Morning Beltway Blowhards, and Talk Show Tough


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