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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of finagle.


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  • To ensure consistency the vintner finagles the yeasts, chemicals, etc., so the cheap bottle should not and does not have any individuality (in terms of vineyard, year, etc.).

    Fred Franzia and American wine under $10 | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • Astronomers also must hustle for time on coveted telescopes, and you can ' t help admiring Mr. Brown ' s moxie as he commandeers a powerful but nearly obsolete telescope for his research or finagles unofficial time on the Hubble.

    The Man Who Made a Planet Vanish

  • Rose, hitherto a lowly paid waitress, finagles her way into the profession by sporting a white van with her company logo, Sunshine Cleaners, emblazoned on the side of the truck.

    Let the Sunshine In! Twisted Sisters Adams and Blunt Redefine Dysfunctional in Sundance Favorite

  • The only question remaining is how she finagles stealing this thing, and if the spineless Democratic leadership and base allow her to do that.

    Delegate Scoreboard: Obama Has Erased Hillary's March 4 Gains

  • If Hillary somehow finagles the nomination in August after a destructive convention battle, she's going to have to do just as much if not more bridge-building in the party to justify what she did in overturning the will of the Democratic electorate.

    Pelosi Warns Clintonites: No "Scorched Earth" Approach

  • The Obama strategy does nothing to change the basic dynamics of the homegrown auto sector -- a labor monopoly combined with endless finagles in Washington to help the Big Three survive competition from Japanese, German and Korean auto makers.

    The Truth About Cars and Trucks

  • Before the obsessive-compulsive San Francisco detective takes a rest, though, viewers will get to watch as he tries to solve the murder of his beloved wife, Trudy, finagles to get reinstated to the San Francisco Police Department and serves as a bodyguard for his favorite actress, played by Elizabeth Perkins.

    Datebook | Aug. 7-13

  • Is there any way, with the way she finagles words and everything like that, if she just breaks down and says, They ` re going to find you guilty if you don ` t plea, she can any way plead insane and say, OK, I did it, but I wasn ` t in my right mind, and get off on a lesser charge?

    CNN Transcript May 6, 2009

  • The employment agency is reluctant to give her another assignment so she finagles her way into a job with Deylssia LaFosse, an American actress/singer who has not one, not two, but three lovers that she's trying to juggle including Michael, a pianist who is madly in love with her and wants to marry her, but of course he's broke.

    What I did over the Weekend

  • With the whole enterprise near collapse and in desperate need of a Hail Mary play, Dodge finagles to secure the services of Carter Rutherford (the bland John Krasinski), an Ivy League star with real marquee value.

    Fumbles Sink Football Story in 'Leatherheads'


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