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  • n. Conversion of intangible value into financial instruments.


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  • The reality is median family income has been stagnant for forty years, and the policies of what I call financialization, which is major banks trading assets back and forth, the Wall Street banks, such as Goldman, which is rightly a lightning rod right now for much of what's going on, buying and selling, playing with tax dollars in proprietary trading-they make huge money, nothing is added to the economy, jobs are sent overseas.

    Democracy Now!

  • Paul touched on what he termed the financialization of America which has had a huge impact on manufacturing. News

  • Other pundits are upset by the choice because they see GE itself is something a poster-child for rent-seeking and rampant "financialization" -- a company that used its good name as a manufacturer to conjure up shadow-bank, speculative wizardry and then nearly blow up.

    How Will Immelt's New Advisory Role Affect Big Oil? - Seeking Alpha

  • My subject matter in this week guest chair -- "financialization" -- had its genesis when I used that word in my 1993 book


  • One of the reasons behind the increasing correlation may be due to what has been described as the financialization of commodities.

    Commodities Lose Their Way

  • The so-called financialization of American capitalism continued and accelerated in the Clinton and George W. Bush years.


  • -- a speculative finance-created crisis; called financialization or Frankenstein finance;

    Project Censored's Media Democracy Advocacy

  • For example, take the words 'financialization', 'derivatives' and 'quantitative easing', all have something in common since they are meant to deceive.

    No Magical Elixir Of Hope

  • Sweezy and Magdoff further analyzed how global capitalism was shifting to a "financialization" system under which financial speculation and debt accumulation were growing at exponential rates.

    Robert McChesney's "Communication Revolution"

  • Schechter calls it "financialization" to describe "the kind of control (a Credit and Loan Complex) exert (s) over society every bit as insidious as the Military-Industrial Complex."

    Reviewing Danny Schechter's "Plunder"


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