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  • He decided to leave the bodies behind and follow Parmenion around the long southern route to Persepolis—or somehow find a way to outflank the Persians holding the Gates.

    Alexander the Great

  • Days later, Shultz would take up McFarlanes pitch, only to be told again by Reagan, I want you to stay, work with Bud, and lets try to find a way to minimize these confrontations.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • He had to find a way to defeat the man, but in spite of his best efforts and gifted generalship, he had at last met a foe he could not beat.

    Alexander the Great

  • Kerr had to find a way to prompt these undifferentiated mouse embryonic stem cells to differentiate into motor neuron cells in such a way that they would go on to create axonal nerves covered with myelin sheaths—a fatty insulating tissue—that together make up the elaborate electrical highway that constitutes the nervous system.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • Once again, Rimland decided it would be easier to create a whole new infrastructure than to try to find a way to work within the mainstream, and in 1995, he launched Defeat Autism Now!

    The Panic Virus

  • He also found a guitar that it wrenched his heart to pass by, and, walking away from the shop window and up the long stairway of Columbus Avenue, Jason knew in his heart that his brother would find a way to go back for it if it cost him every penny of his dinner money for the rest of their stay and he had to live on hard-boiled eggs in the hotelroom.


  • So, naturally enough, I had tried, via Doris the segretaria, to find a way to say hello in person.

    The Italian Summer

  • I needed to find a way to get out of the house to meet Joseph John at the barn.

    Keep Sweet

  • Tyler pulled even with the two-hundred-ton behemoth, trying to find a way on board, when he heard the clatter of an AR-15.

    The Ark

  • Unless they could find a way out, the grand battle fleet of Tyre was trapped.

    Alexander the Great


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