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  • v. To criticize excessively
  • v. (followed by with) To criticize (something) excessively


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  • One cannot even find fault with the tiny round hole which they leave when they are taken out; perhaps water-nixies, and such lovely things without souls, have these little round holes in their ears by nature, ready to hang jewels in.

    Adam Bede

  • By the time the band broke into its next number, “Texas Trilogy,” Miranda was on fire, playing with such passion that not even Bobby could find fault with her.

    She’s Got the Beat

  • They are flawless, with flecked stems and stout caps, and there is nothing to find fault with except for one thing—they are not belye.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • I met Lord Brouncker, who, I perceive, and the rest, do smell that it comes from me, but dare not find fault with it; and I am glad of it, it being my glory and defence that I did occasion and write it.

    Diary of Samuel Pepys, August 1668

  • It was almost a given that there'd be something to find fault with, and he could add another item to the list of failures being chalked up against Captain Jester's record.

    Phule me twice

  • So grim had Thorin become, that even if they had wished, the others would not have dared to find fault with him; but indeed most of them seemed to share his mind-except perhaps old fat Bombur and Fili and Kili.

    The Hobbit

  • Inclined to find fault without warrant, many commentators have all kinds of flaws to pick with this expression.

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1

  • “But if you accept the principle of pose,” said Lestrange, “I don't see that you can find fault with any pose.”

    Father Payne

  • "If it be wisdom on her part," said he, answering Lady Laura's last words, "you cannot find fault with her for her decision."

    Phineas Finn

  • Detective Bowen would find fault with her vanity, and Duncan Hatcher …



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