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  • And Alex, I think there's something mythic in the story of the finger-long doll as well.

    Defined By What We Don't Have Anymore

  • That alone was enough to make him feel uneasy—for the rest of the day he would have to square himself against her fine looks—but she had curled her hair as well, spiraled it into the thickly coifed, finger-long coils of 1940s movie stars.

    Heaven Lake

  • A finger-long wonudu stole out from beneath the shelter of a multi-trunked but dead sarobbis.

    Sliding Scales

  • The snout was long and the ears pointed like a wolf's, but the jaws were massive and broad, and when they split wide in a kind of panting grin, they revealed double rows of finger-long serrated teeth.


  • He glances back at the tan sphere, but the wasp nest flares yellowish, as do some of the finger-long wasps.

    The Magi'i Of Cyador

  • Darkwind took Vree onto his wrist, the finger-long talons biting into the leather of his gauntlet as Vree steadied himself, and launched him into the trees to scout ahead.

    Winds Of Fate

  • A dozen finger-long thorns stabbed the goatskin like tiny spears, and water sprayed in sudden fountains.

    Conan the Fearless

  • A score of finger-long matched sapphires, carved in erotic figures.

    Conan The Unconquered

  • Even when the sandy ground was level, their boots sank to the ankles, and rocks lay ready to turn underfoot and throw the unwary into thornbushes boasting black, finger-long spikes, that would rip flesh like talons.

    Conan The Unconquered

  • Beneath the tongue a finger-long needle-sharp barb had been fastened with some instant adhesive material.

    Blue System


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