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  • adj. Resembling a finger, especially in shape

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  • adj. resembling a finger


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

finger +‎ -like


  • She resisted fear as the dragon flexed its fingerlike toes and police cars arrived surrounding the area.

    Arcana Magi Rush

  • The impact bent the dragon's fingerlike claws back, and the screeching sound of the spell rattled its ears.

    Arcana Magi Rush

  • He had no trouble recalling his appearance, though: a roughly cylindrical body nearly two meters tall, tapering slightly in the middle almost like an hourglass, colored a rich green, with a row of fingerlike tentacles a third of the way up, and a second row of longer, wider tentacles a third of the way down.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire

  • See the spinnerets—those fingerlike things at the tip of her abdomen?


  • Despite the lack of leaves, the blackened trunks and fingerlike branches filled in all gaps, making the forest a huge ruin of impenetrability.

    Half Upon a Time

  • But with winter approaching, the leaves had already fallen, revealing the bony, fingerlike fragments of the trees, interspersed with the thick, green boughs of the pines and firs that stood up like rows of jagged, mossy green teeth among the bare maples and poplars.


  • I reach under my jacket, hoping that my fingers stay fingerlike long enough to be usable.

    White Cat

  • The lead researcher, Dr. Jeff Hester of Arizona State University, is particularly interested in the fingerlike projections on the surface of the columns.

    Witness At The Creation

  • The Helan Mountain Range, about 180 kilometers (km) long with a maximum elevation of 3,556 meters (m), extends north as a fingerlike extension of the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau.

    Helanshan montane conifer forests

  • Normally, when food enters the small intestine, critical nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream through masses of tiny fingerlike projections called villi.

    Waiter, Please Hold the Wheat


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