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  • adj. Resembling fingers in shape.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

finger +‎ -y


  • It was a fixture along East Coast and Appalachian streets and highways, where its display of fingery white flowers was a springtime delight.

    The mighty American chestnut tree, poised for a comeback

  • I used one of those fingery koosh ball things in my slow mo film as well!

    SprintCam v3 NAB 2009 showreel on Vimeo

  • Its cell walls become leaky enough to let the food flow in easily, and it sprouts fingery ingrowths, where it can store the food.

    Parasite Rex

  • I had not realized how intimidating the fingery shadows of the roots had been until they were gone.

    Renegade's Magic

  • Back and forth the gray thing swung, its front fingery paws twitching together as if steepled in prayer, the freak gazing on as if to hypnotize himself.

    Some Fun

  • And I was a particularly fingery artist, a maker of fine satiric lines which sometimes worried me, so like needlecraft were they, so like little daggers of derision and self-hurt.

    Kalooki Nights

  • Baleful, I suppose, was the word for what I did—incongruities, absurdities, and falsities eyed splenetically and in the English manner: Gillray, Rowlandson, et al, but more fingery in the line, more persnickety, and without the current affairs.

    Kalooki Nights

  • Something simple, something that's fingery type food.

    grizmom Diary Entry

  • Its wide, fingery branches clawed outward, and from the width of its leathery trunk, Addie knew it must have been there for decades.

    Surrender A Dream

  • The thick foliage of the ash never stirs; even the fingery leaves hanging out from the topmost twigs are still.

    Memoirs of My Dead Life


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