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  • noun A proponent of finitism.
  • adjective Of or relating to finitism.


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finite +‎ -ist


  • He seems to have been alone in this finitist view.

    Walter Chatton

  • Though commentators and critics do not agree as to whether the later Wittgenstein is still a finitist and whether, if he is, his finitism is as radical as his intermediate rejection of unbounded mathematical quantification (Maddy 1986, 300-301, 310), the overwhelming evidence indicates that the later Wittgenstein still rejects the actual infinite

    Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mathematics

  • Nevertheless, there are more problems here than Weyl imagines, at least for those who ground their finitist philosophy of mathematics on intuitionism à la Brouwer.


  • Since Hilbert was less than completely clear on what the finitary standpoint consists in, there is some leeway in setting up the constraints, epistemological and otherwise, an analysis of finitist operation and proof must fulfill.

    Hilbert's Program

  • Whether such methods would be considered finitary according to the original conception of finitism or constitute an extension of the original finitist viewpoint is a matter of debate.

    Hilbert's Program

  • Gödel (1958) presented another extension of the finitist standpoint; the work of Kreisel mentioned above may be seen as another attempt to extend finitism while retaining the spirit of Hilbert's original conception.

    Hilbert's Program

  • To count as a finitary consistency proof, the operation itself must be acceptable from the finitist standpoint, and the proofs required must use only finitarily acceptable principles.

    Hilbert's Program

  • Of crucial importance to both an understanding of finitism and of Hilbert's proof theory is the question of what operations and what principles of proof should be allowed from the finitist standpoint.

    Hilbert's Program

  • In a sense finitist models rely on this very possibility as the next paragraph shows.

    Finitism in Geometry

  • In addition for the strict finitist geometer, success or failure is not solely determined by internal mathematical arguments or considerations.

    Finitism in Geometry


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