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  • n. Plural form of fiord.


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  • The high rocky banks shelter these deep bays (called fiords) from almost every wind; so that their waters are usually as still as those of a lake.

    Feats on the Fiord The third book in "The Playfellow"

  • In the 1970s, when British novelist Bruce Chatwin wrote his defining book, "In Patagonia," he described a land of icy fiords and mysterious caves, still the preserve of adventurers and misfits.

    So Far, So Good

  • When not scaling glaciers and circumnavigating Arctic fiords, as he has been for the past two weeks, he is well known internationally for his open-source attitude to recombinant music, and his experimental avant-garde hip hop and electronic music.

    Beth Kapusta: DJ Spooky at Monaco Glacier

  • Don't mind my speculations, I just like to think about solutions to interesting problems, Good luck up in Norway, I'd love to visit the fiords!

    Canadian Beauty Queen Stands Up For Seal Hunt

  • The reindeer, a subspecies unique to these coastal mountain fiords, are an amazing Darwinian essay in adaptation and a fantastic natural act of design -- years living on a habitat of steep inclines has resulted in charmingly short front legs, and their stubby calf-like faces and furry boots give them a comical, dressed-up look.

    Beth Kapusta: ...somewhere just south of the 79th parallel

  • This is Simon's fourth Cape Farewell expedition to the front line of climate change, conducting research on the health of the ocean currents and illuminating the issues with the artists as we circumnavigate the remarkable treeless landscape of fiords, glaciers and icebergs that is Svalbard.

    Beth Kapusta: Live Climate Science from the High Arctic: An Interview with Dr. Simon Boxall

  • Heavy precipitation greatly contributed to the development of fiords along the coast: heavy snows during the glacial period fed vigorous valley glaciers that descended to the sea, scouring deep troughs that reach at their lower ends below sea level.

    Marine Division (Bailey)

  • Terrain: mostly plateau interspersed with mountain peaks, icefields; coast deeply indented by bays and fiords


  • Icelandmostly plateau interspersed with mountain peaks, icefields; coast deeply indented by bays and fiords


  • Fiord Lakes develop when fiords rise above sea level as a result of isostatic rebound (uplift of land after being depressed by ice).

    Origin and age of lakes


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