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  • n. Jurisprudence in the Islamic law, shari'a.


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From Arabic فقه (fiqh, "intelligence, knowledge")


  • Second, understanding of ahadith, sunnah, fiqh is more difficult to obtain because what little resources are available have virtually nothing in the way of context to explain concepts and history (as opposed to the various tafsir that are readily available to explain the Qur'an).

    Ahadith: Ally or Enemy of Women?

  • They filled books of interpretive writings (called fiqh) about how to act in accordance with the way of God.

    Sumbul Ali-Karamali: Who's Afraid of Shariah?

  • The Sharī‘ah, writes Khaled Abou El Fadl, ‘is God’s Will in an ideal and abstract fashion, but the fiqh is the product of the human attempt to understand God’s Will.

    Maldives Constitution Drafting Delayed Over Issue of Shariah

  • It is this methodology or approach, defined as fiqh (or jurisprudence) which gives a legal system its Islamic character. Main RSS Feed

  • Islamic law includes a specific category of jurisprudence called fiqh al-bi'ah, or "jurisprudence of the environment."

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  • Nevertheless, Hassanyari believes that Sadr is merely returning to complete his theological training in Shi’ite jurisprudence, or "fiqh", with top Iranian scholars."

    Iraqi Cleric Muqtada Sadr Leaves for Iran Again

  • Umar decided to specialize in fiqh, the principles of Islamic jurisprudence.

    At 27, New Imam Represents A Homegrown American Islam

  • It ignores the reality of Qur'an, Hadith, fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Sunnah as a whole - in other words the facts about Islam, and that little something called the history of the Muslim Empire/Jihad and its dynamics, inseperable from the Muslim faith itself.

    Save Kiana Firouz

  • Dr. Sherman Jackson, a respected scholar of Islam at University of Michigan, points out that most Muslims tend to speak not of sharia but of fiqh, which literally means "understanding" and underscores the distinction between God's prescriptions on the one hand and the human attempt to understand these on the other.

    Daniel Tutt: Tennessee's Anti-Muslim Bill Is An American Disgrace

  • However, in the terminology of fiqh, makruh designates something disapproved of and best left undone, although not forbidden; the word does not convey the sense of moral or aesthetic disgust that accompanies “abominable” and “loathsome.”

    A clarification of questions : an unabridged translation of Resaleh towzih al-masael : Law is Cool


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