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  • n. a pit whose floor is incandescent lava


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  • Smoke from the fire pit peeked over the top of the building.

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • The fire pit was well stocked with embers and Joseph Hayhurst had converted helmets into vessels to hold snowmelt.


  • Her job was to make a fire pit while Darian and Hywel went in one direction to hunt, Kel took to the air to find prey for himself, Steelmind to the woods to find edible plants, and Wintersky took fishing tackle to the river.

    Elephant in the City

  • Gena found a fire pit for his kazan and began preparing an elaborate stew for lunch.


  • As Nicci moved past, inspecting the assembled people, the only sounds were the horses off behind the buildings, the sporadic coughs of people, and the flags of flame in the fire pit snapping and flapping in the breeze.

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • The secluded spot had a fire pit Richard had dug and ringed with rocks during a previous stay, nearly a year before.

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • At other times, an outdoor fire pit was used, often in conjunction with butchering, for the making of soap, since making soap was not something typically done indoors.

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • Gulbarchyn returned with a bundle of sticks and lit the fire in a blackened open fireplace of clay and stone, with a circular ledge a foot above the fire pit that accommodated the kazan, the heavy steel cooking pan, shaped like a big wok, in which every Kyrgyz family cooks nearly every meal.


  • Temporary sides were probably available to convert the fire pit into a smokehouse.

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • As their eyes adjusted, they stepped into the fire pit and stood up, lifting their heads to take in the familiar walls of Chimney Cave.

    The Welkening


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