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  • You raise the equally clear example of the fire-bombing of a Jewish school in Montreal.

    Open letter to Professor Gil Troy

  • A survivor of the fire-bombing of Dresden, Vonnegut said he was "sickened" by the Hiroshima attack and called the bombing of Nagasaki a war crime and the most evil act carried out by America since slavery.

    Greg Mitchell: Writers and The Bomb: Novel Takes on the Nuclear Age

  • The Pacific War began with the Bataan Death March (for which several high Japanese officers were hung) and ended with Americans fire-bombing Tokyo and machine-gunning the survivors of sunk merchant ships in the water.

    How Torture Helped the Allies in WWII

  • [The attempted fire-bombing of a London synagogue].

    Being a Jewish Londoner in 2009

  • It seems to me that the narrator's voluntary involvement in the war and his sort of relaxed, wine-drinking approach to it, the beauty of the surroundings, his nascent relationship with the British nurse, paint a portrait of war in softer hues than, say, Vonnegut's depiction of the fire-bombing of Dresden.

    The Virtues of Patience

  • For example, there was the fire-bombing of Dresden during the Second World War – an act without justification except vengeance.

    The Paradox of Law: The Past as Prologue « Blog

  • Before you right-minded liberals go fire-bombing my house, let me state for the record that I am a new, proud member of the Facebook group "Pat Robertson is a Douchebag", which I joined in response to the televangelist's atrocious and entirely predictable assertion that Haitians had it coming to them.

    Linda Keenan: What Pat Robertson Got Right

  • Its initiating event is one of the most cynical war crimes of the last century: the fire-bombing of Dresden by the RAF in 1945.

    An Elephant in the Garden by Michael Morpurgo

  • As Horn had previously learned from Private Hüber, they could be sealed in the event of a fire-bombing or poison-gas attack.


  • Imagine if his other bizarre ideas involved kidnapping Republican activists, fire-bombing a Republican think tank, and killing a pro-Republican journalist.

    Archive 2008-10-01


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