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  • noun The box (sometimes made of copper) in which the fire in a locomotive is placed, surrounded on the outside by an iron casing which is separated from the inner fire-box by a space of about three inches all round, filled with water, to prevent the radiation of heat.


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  • A spluttering candle showed the one occupant, a man, down on his knees and blowing lustily into the fire-box of a smoky Yukon stove.


  • "I pray your excellency to listen to me," said Yi Chin Ho, squatting on his hams by the bedside and lighting his pipe from the fire-box.


  • The smoke, smothered in its exit, drove back through the fire-box door, carrying with it the pungent odor of green spruce.


  • Tommy pulled the flaps together hastily, and returned to his tearful task at the fire-box.


  • He poured briquettes from the bag into the fire-box of the barbecue and then poured the whole bottleful of lighter fuel over the briquettes.

    They didn’t read Pitchfork or Stereogum or Gorilla vs. Bear or Hipster Runoff

  • Light from the fire-box splashed the under side of the trailing smoke.

    Main Street

  • She visioned the fire-box: flames turned to lemon and metallic gold as the coal-dust sifted over them; thin twisty flutters of purple, ghost flames which gave no light, slipping up between the dark banked coals.

    Main Street

  • I had a compass in my pocket, a small telescope, a double-barrelled pistol, a knife, and a fire-box and matches.

    The Wreck of the Golden Mary, by Charles Dickens

  • At six, when the light faltered in as through ground glass and bleakly identified the chairs as gray rectangles, she heard his step on the porch; heard him at the furnace: the rattle of shaking the grate, the slow grinding removal of ashes, the shovel thrust into the coal-bin, the abrupt clatter of the coal as it flew into the fire-box, the fussy regulation of drafts-the daily sounds of a

    Main Street

  • Its driving wheels had been blown upward, taking away the side of the fire-box.

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom


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