from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun Fire, as of a conflagration, personified as an evil spirit of destruction.
  • noun An incendiary.


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  • Hold my fan betwixt thy dainty cheeks and the blaze, sweetheart, lest the fire-fiend witch thy roses into very poppy flowers.

    A Brother To Dragons and Other Old-time Tales

  • Then again, through his appetite, perhaps an inherited craving for strong drink or opium, the train having been laid years and years before he was born: the match can be struck which opens to the fire-fiend the least defensive point in the poor victim's life.

    Country life in Georgia in the days of my youth,

  • "Well, I'm glad the fire-fiend hasn't got Marshall & Co. yet," said the young man, restored to good-humor by the sight of another's misfortune.

    With the Procession

  • It was a huge lower-river packet, and was completely enveloped in roaring flames that poured from every opening, and streamed furiously from the tall chimneys the trailing banners of the fire-fiend.

    Raftmates A Story of the Great River

  • Already was the day nearly spent, and yet the fire-fiend was raging with fury hardly abated.

    Ralph Gurney's Oil Speculation

  • Then women and children were aiding in the work, for it was to save their homes from destruction that they labored, and foremost among them ever was George, struggling against the fire-fiend, as if everything the world held dear to him was in danger of destruction.

    Ralph Gurney's Oil Speculation

  • Although the fire-fiend had swept his destructive wings over the property within a hundred yards of our home, through a sudden shifting of the wind its course had been changed, thus saving us from what would have seemed to me ruin.

    The World As I Have Found It

  • Firmly built, it had borne the earthquake assault unharmed, but the flames were an enemy against which it had no defense, and it was quickly added to the victims of the fire-fiend.

    The San Francisco calamity by earthquake and fire

  • It was the rage of the fire-fiend that desolated the metropolis of the lakes.

    The San Francisco calamity by earthquake and fire

  • Here, also, the fire-fiend assailed the treasures of knowledge and specimens of natural history, of the society, which, with its household gods, flitted down to a suite of rooms above the savings bank apartments in St. John St.eet, from whence, about 1870, it issued to become an annual tenant in the north wing of the

    Picturesque Quebec : a sequel to Quebec past and present


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