from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun In forestry, a strip kept clear of inflammable material as a protection against the spread of forest fire.
  • noun plural The ‘lines’ or cordon established by the police around the scene of a fire, and at a safe distance from it, thus seating up a danger-line within which no one is allowed who is not connected with fighting the flames or salving the property.


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  • I can tell you one thing, and that is you don't see any 412's on a fire-line during the summer.

    Griffons for Afstan?

  • The thing about working on a fire crew is that no-one sees you digging line all day and all night, sleeping in the same clothes on the ground etc when you are out on the fire-line because you are in the boonies.

    Think Progress » Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) opens fire on firefighters

  • If the current sell-off jumps the fire-line from stocks into a wider array of other assets — pushing down, say, real estate in Europe or commodity markets currently energized by the China boom — it will become much harder to contain.

    Then They All Fall Down

  • It is a situation now that is pretty tenuous because just across the street here there was a bit of a fire-line.

    CNN Transcript Nov 6, 2006

  • And then just across the street from that fire-line is the Sierra Lakes Golf Club and then several luxury homes in that community, of course, attached to that golf course, and this is also very near the 210 Freeway.

    CNN Transcript Nov 6, 2006

  • Something Jimmie had said, about keeping innocents off the fire-line, came back to him now, and he smiled grimly.

    Beyond World's End

  • Anyway, it's one of the reasons I'm kind of touchy about civilians on the fire-line, if you hadn't noticed already.

    Beyond World's End

  • Showers of sparks, storms of sparks spun through the sky above the flames, yet none of them landed on the Valdemar side of the fire-line.

    Brightly Burning

  • More activity down below hinted that the leaders had gotten enough volunteers to agree to attempt the gap'so before they could try, Lan shifted the fire-line backward and to the side again, closing the gap, but leaving the slope open once more.

    Brightly Burning

  • He caught a full line of a hundred Karsites or more square in his fire-line, and he held the flames on them.

    Brightly Burning


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