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  • n. Some species of pheasant in the genus Lophura.
  • n. A piece of iron that fits into the back of a fireplace to distribute the heat and keep the brick from cracking.

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  • n. One of several species of pheasants of the genus Euplocamus, having the lower back a bright, fiery red. They inhabit Southern Asia and the East Indies.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The back wall of a furnace or fire-place.
  • n. A macartney or fire-backed pheasant, of the genus Euplocamus, as E. ignitus.


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From fire + back


  • Install a fireback - A fireback is a cast iron sheet of metal located just behind the fire.

    Charles and Hudson

  • I guess someone had time to write his "fireback" speech for him.

    Obama to fire back at McCain on CNN

  • Pale-capped pigeon Columba punicea (VU) in the evergreen forest, green peafowl Pavo muticus (VU) and silver oriole Oriolus mellianus (VU) in the dipterocarp/deciduous forest and masked finfoot Heliopais personata (VU) from the riverside are resident. 53 species are considered nationally threatened or near threatened, including four species of hornbill, Siamese fireback pheasant Lophura diardi, the rare silver pheasant Lophura nycthemera and the mountain imperial pigeon Ducula badia.

    Dong Phayayan Khao-Yai Forest Complex, Thailand

  • Some typical Indochinese birds found here, which are not found west of the Lower Central Plain, include Siamese fireback (Lophura diardi), Indochinese magpie (Cissa hypoleuca), and scaly-crowned babbler (Malacopteron cinereum).

    Chao Phraya lowland moist deciduous forests

  • The imperial pheasant (Lophura imperialis) and Edwards's pheasant (L. edwardsi) are critically endangered, and the Vietnamese fireback (L. haitensis) and white-winged duck (Cairina scutulata) are endangered species found in this ecoregion.

    Northern Annamites rain forests

  • To build a fire in a Rumford fireplace: Place a sheet of newspaper against the fireback, and prop it up with a bundle of half a dozen pieces of kindling leaning on the fireback in the form of a narrow tipi.


  • The back wall of the firebox is the fireback, and its floor is the inner hearth.


  • Jamestown, including iron tongs, shovels, andirons, parts of brass warming-pans, and a large fragment from a cast-iron fireback.

    New Discoveries at Jamestown Site of the First Successful English Settlement in America

  • It is a fireback, a piece of iron used for the back of a fire and on it is the coat of arms of a certain earl.

    An Address by Mr. A.J. Adams

  • When a grate is set in a fireplace a lining of firebrick at least two (2) inches in thickness shall be added to the fireback; soapstone, tile or cast iron may be used, if solidly backed with brick or concrete.

    The code of the city of Charlottesville, Virginia


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