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  • n. a missile of fire
  • v. To strike with a firebolt.


Compound of fire +‎ bolt, by analogy of thunderbolt. (Wiktionary)


  • A firebolt erupted inside my brain, and I began to sneeze convulsively—ten, twelve, fourteen times in a row.

    The Dark Side of Innocence

  • I dove behind it just as a firebolt zipped toward me, and the wood exploded into splinters and flame.

    Thin Air

  • The firebolt smashed into the elephant-thing, and the bullet detonated inside the gun's chamber, shrapnel flying.

    Watcher 3] Fire Watcher

  • Another firebolt flared toward Kharl, and he redirected it, this time, toward the two other remaining intact companies of lancers, those on the west side of the road.


  • Kharl said, still holding the shield as another firebolt flared across the north courtyard.


  • Even with that anguish shivering through him, he managed to remain upright and cover another ten rods before the next firebolt came, a slightly weaker blast that he directed toward a group of officers who had clustered around a single figure - Hensolas, Kharl thought.


  • Kharl hadn't thought that the white wizard could have gotten that close or that he'd been strong enough to throw a firebolt from a distance.


  • Kharl concentrated for a moment, just briefly, on throwing up a weaker shield, one that partly hardened the air but was coated with a thin layer of order to deflect something like a firebolt.


  • Another firebolt flared at them, and Kharl slid it behind the short column.


  • A firebolt flared toward Kharl, a fraction of an instant too late, exploding against his belatedly drawn shields.



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