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  • n. Plural form of firebrick.


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  • Open hearth kilns consist of a tank made of firebricks, which is set in a crossdraft kiln.

    7. Frits and fritmaking

  • Besides possessing refractoriness our refractory products such as firebricks and saggars should be able to withstand many cycles of heating and cooling without cracking or spalling.

    1. Refractories

  • It sounds like a fanciful name for a chemical residue or maybe special firebricks.

    Pad 39A Fondue Liberated! - NASA Watch

  • Set it even on firebricks and turn her red leave it until cool.

    Cast Iron Skillet Refinishing: I have a Griswold cast iron skillet that is 10" and has a second, less deep skillet to turn it in

  • The single cruelest ? christmas present joke I ever played on my kids was wrapping a pair of firebricks, with a note attached that said “Look in the hall closet”.

    Tuesday, Dec. 22 – The Bleat.

  • The grate had only sides and a front, so had to be pushed back against the firebricks in order to not spill coal out.

    Snell-Pym » Heating an old house

  • Although fairly light on actual recipes, "I'm Just Here for the Food" is heavy on explanations of the differences between convection and conduction heating, diagrams illustrating the relevant laws of physics and instructions on how to build an "earthen oven" inside your kitchen range using firebricks and (against manufacturers 'recommendations) the superhot self-cleaning setting.

    A Recipe for Escapism

  • The other thing is -- and this is not well explained by classical economics -- the US is not making enough more SUVs, or firebricks, or I-beams, or Easy-bake ovens, or whatever, to keep up with all these dollars ... dollars in China, dollars in Japan, dollars in real estate speculation, ad nauseum.

    Stan Goff: Guns 'n' Money

  • Julka's bringing another wagon with smithy tools and firebricks.

    The Magic Engineer

  • Another problem is that the salt erodes the firebricks in the kiln rather fast.

    9. Glaze application


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