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  • In brick-manuf., noting the condition of a heated kiln immediately after the fire has expended itself. Also called burned-off.


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  • Viewed from a distance, the figures are a sketchy silhouette of fired-off lines, a web of ink up close, a block of ink from afar, masterfully done.

    The Art Thief

  • Yesterday he fired-off another barrage, landing a direct hit on Prime Minister Milquetoast and his Texas-twin.

    OpEdNews - Quicklink: Straight-shootin' George Galloway

  • Hollywood actor Mel Gibson came under attack in 2006 after he fired-off anti-Semitic comments to a Jewish traffic cop, who arrested him on a charge of drink driving in

    Ottawa Sun

  • The reply has a 'fired-off' quality, as if Mr. Wolf felt my words deserved some comment, but since the writer (me) was kind of a dope (spot on!), not a very nuanced one ... the kind you'd give a likeable, low 'C' student (spot on again!) to get him to shut up and think a little harder.

    Unconfirmed Sources

  • Four years ago (06), Gibson hit the headlines after he fired-off anti-Semitic comments to - Recent News

  • Senator Judith Guthertz has fired-off a letter to the Department of Agriculture after the agency failed to meet the March 24 deadline to submit a list of members to sit on the Indigenous Native Fishing Rights Task Force and proposed rules and regulations to implement the fish law. - KUAM News

  • We fired-off 20 frames in a relatively pedestrian 14 seconds, confirming the quoted rate of 1. 4fps.

    Camera Labs and DSLR Tips latest news and reviews

  • Just as the “Imperial City” of the Green Zone in Baghdad is often the target of 81mm mortar rounds fired-off by angry imperial subjects in their own land, so the capital ‘imperial city’ of this corporatist Empire in Washington was the subject of many rounds of verbal mortar fire as a dissident protester within the belly of this empire shouted, “BRING THEM HOME.

    Verdict on Day 1 of Petraeus-Crocker - The Lede Blog -


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