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  • n. extinguishing a fire
  • n. the profession of being a firefighter
  • n. solving an urgent problem


fire + fight (Wiktionary)


  • Yes | No | Report from combat. medic wrote 3 weeks 3 days ago wow ... as I read all these posts, I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned the figure eight -- the only knot used for life safety in firefighting!!! as for everyone who said that a bowline won't slip -- bull. all it takes is a load shift, and it can slip out.

    what is the most imprtiant knot when it comes to survival?

  • A Coast Guard official testified Monday that the Coast Guard didn't take an active role in firefighting as the rig burned.

    Oil spill hearings focus on who was in charge after the blast

  • Far more detail on the fatal hazards of firefighting is available from the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial.

    Living in Dryden: Editorial on firefighters

  • The treesitters were driven out by the forest fires started by the Summer Solstice lightning storm -- they called the firefighting command center, said Farmer, to alert them that they'd put in a "ropes course" out there.

    North Coast Journal Comments

  • You'll recall the firefighting supertanker responded to another South Bay fire last week above Cupertino and helped contain that fire to 150 acres even though initial attack brass suggested that one could go to 3,000 acres.

    Lick Fire In Henry Coe State Park

  • Much to my chagrin, my son recently became interested in firefighting.

    Future Hero

  • They also have an obituary and an article on the risks involved in firefighting.

    Living in Dryden: February 2004 Archives

  • TUCKER: Complicating the firefighting is the drought which continues to plague the Northwest.

    CNN Transcript Aug 12, 2005

  • TUCKER: Complicating the firefighting is the drought, which continues to plague the Northwest.

    CNN Transcript Aug 13, 2005

  • But it is to the south, in San Diego, where the firefighting has been the heaviest and the death toll has been its highest.

    CNN Transcript Oct 27, 2003


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