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  • n. Plural form of firefight.


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  • Some were killed in firefights with the army, others in battles between the cartels for control of smuggling routes, and still others in power struggles within the cartels.

    The Fall of Mexico

  • Moneymaker said he suffers post-traumatic stress disorder from his experiences, which included being involved in firefights and grenade attacks, witnessing "fellow soldiers and civilians killed or wounded in combat," and being wounded himself by a shell fragment

    Heroes or Villains?

  • Several of the people (?) who were released from Gitmo were subsequently killed in firefights with US troops.

    A Hit From The Supremes

  • But plenty of clerks, medics, and truck drivers have found themselves in firefights lately, and if standards have changed for frontline troops, the ones kicking down doors in Ramadi, then training for the rest has surely followed suit.

    The Army We Have

  • He meant that the satellites are tied up following U.S. troops on patrol and in firefights to let them know who might be waiting in ambush.

    Declaring Victory

  • The both, and particularly the latter, can also intervene in firefights, the US using, amongst other things, the light Kiowa helicopter (a militarised version of the Bell Jet Ranger - pictured above right) to such effect that troops have declared their pilots "honorary infantrymen" because they fly so low as they "mix it" with insurgents at close range.

    We've been there before

  • It was maddening, because you had absolutely no control over your destiny, whereas in firefights you could run, duck, hug a wall, or dive into a ditch.

    Five Days in Fallujah

  • "With the weapons that they have, the rebels are holding on," Rice said, referring to firefights in the besieged city of Misrata. -- Top News

  • As in filming during the firefights was a dangerous experience, from UK My Park Magazine.

    Transformers News

  • Much of the battlefield imagery recalls the firefights and wrenching civilian casualties of Vietnam; the hero's trajectory, meanwhile, hews closely to Western revisionism, both solid ( "A Man Called Horse") and squishy ( "Dances With Wolves").

    The Orange County Register - News Headlines : News


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