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  • v. to lengthen or widen the body of a cartridge case by firing it in a gun that has the same calibre but a larger chamber.


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  • The brass would fireform to the 30 cal chamber possibly splitting the neck.

    can you shoot a 25-06 out of a 30-06 gun?

  • To my pleasant surprise, the rifle was not only headspaced correctly to chamber my AI ammo (which was actually more than I had hoped for; I had assumed I would have to fireform a whole pile of new .257 Roberts brass into custom .257 AI brass for that particular rifle), but OALs of 2. 91-2.93 "" with various bullet weights and types was not a problem either.

    Rifles of Interest, Vol. 1

  • You can fireform standard .280 in it and then reload.

    What to Do With Your Gift From George W.

  • I believe Jarrett can also provide brass and loaded ammo for it - if indeed it is a .280 Ack.Imp. Then, and only AFTER you've had the rifle checked and OK'd by a qualified gunsmith, you should be able to fire standard .280 Rem. ammo in it to fireform brass and then reload it yourself.

    A Few Kind Words About the .280 Remington

  • I fireform 7x57 Mauser handloads into 7x57 Ackley cases, losing about 200-250 fps muzzle velocity from the "expected" velocity of the Mauser handloads when I do so, but I still get very respectable performance from the Mauser handloads and wonderful performance from my very carefully developed Ackley handloads. (

    Two Cases Where Bigger Isn't Better

  • (downThemAll), or maybe even something useful like Ghostery (ghostery. com) to alert me to the web bugs, ad networks and widgets on every page on the web - or a formfiller as good as (fireform) - or even a web developer add-on (Web Developer 1.1.8) ...

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg


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